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Nuts | Poker Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia How can the answer be improved? Origin of "the nuts" - General Poker - CardsChat™ Origin of "the nuts". According to several websites: In poker, "the nuts" refers to an unbeatable poker hand. According to some poker experts, the term originated in the old west, where players often bet their horse and wagon. When a player put up his horse and wagon in a game,... The origin of the term "nuts" - Online Poker - CardsChat™ This is a discussion on The origin of the term "nuts" within the online poker forums, in the Online Poker section; In poker, the notion of "nuts" means the best possible hand in a particular A Tough One to Crack: The Origin of “The Nuts” | PokerNews

Definitions for poker terms and phrases from A-Z listed alphabetically. ... Polarized. When a player in a hand can have either the nuts or a total bluff, their range is ...

One of the most misunderstood and debatable terms in Poker is “Checking the nuts”. This term came into lime light in 2009 during the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main event. A female poker player(who had apparently won a contest to get entry into the event) was taken aside and was penalized & patronized for “Checking the nuts”. Soup to nuts | Definition of Soup to nuts at Soup to nuts definition, (of a meal) complete or impressive in number of courses. See more. ... Origin of soup-to-nuts. An Americanism dating back to 1935–40. Poker Terms & Definitions - Poker Glossary of Terms

The term nuts stems from the old wild-west-days of poker. "Having the nuts" is a term used to say you have the best possible hand.Legend has it that a farmer playing back in the days, who ran out of money went to his waggon and unscrewed the nut from the wheels to put them into the pot on his return to the table.

nuts definition: crazy; foolishOrigin of nutssee nut, noun and used to express disgust, ... nuts. Play nuts. crazy; foolish. Origin of nuts. see nut, noun and. used to ... (poker) A hand that can be proven unbeatable even when the hand's holder  ...

In poker, the best possible hand given the community cards available. ... means better than good its 'the nuts' o wow them trainers are 'the nuts' by The Bear August ...

My Big Redneck Wedding - Wikipedia Common Sense reviewer Melissa Camacho wrote: "The series attempts to diffuse existing stereotypes about people from the South by using the term "redneck" to connote pride in one's Southern heritage. To Chew On: 10 Kinds of Sandwiches | Merriam-Webster The word "probably" in our etymology leaves open the possibility that evidence will emerge that tips the balance in favor of the Reuben's Restaurant origin, but based on the existing menu evidence, we consider the Omaha origin to be the … Poker Trivia, History, Facts And Famous Quotes

Origin of "the nuts" - General Poker - CardsChat™

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